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7 Myths about Aid and Attendance

  1. Myth: I make too much.
    Fact: The income limit depends on the total care cost for the Veteran and Spouse or Surviving Spouse.

  2. Myth: I still drive; therefore, I am ineligible.
    Fact: VA will base eligibility on an assessment by a medical doctor.

  3. Myth: I am ineligible because I did not serve in a combat zone.
    Fact: The Veteran needs to have served in wartime as defined by the VA but does not require serving in a combat zone.

  4. Myth: The Veteran must have been injured or become ill while serving in the military.
    Fact: This requirement is for Disability Compensation and not for Aid and Attendance.

  5. Myth: I can only use the benefit for Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facility.
    Fact: You may also use the Aid and Attendance benefit for Home Care, Memory Care, or any legitimate care cost.

  6. Myth: Aid and Attendance will affect my Social Security.
    Fact: You can receive both of these benefits at the same time.

  7. Myth: I am ineligible because we were not married when the Veteran was in service.
    Fact: The Veteran must be the spouse's latest husband/wife. A divorced spouse is ineligible for benefits.

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