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Aid and Attendance in Houston

When families are struggling with the high costs of assisted living and memory care services, they turn to Veteran Care Advisors. Specializing in Veterans Affairs, Aid and Attendance (A&A), retirement income planning, and caregiving resources, we can help you. Contact (713) 510-3387 today to request our services.

Aid and Attendance for Veterans

As people age, many of life’s simple tasks become challenging. Being independent becomes a struggle, and the need for support grows. Families might try to assist their aging loved ones themselves, but over time this can become difficult. With specialized needs and the demand for many regimens, it can quickly become too much for any family member to handle. That’s where Veteran Care Advisors comes in.

We offer support to our clients and their families in a vast number of areas:

  • Caregiver Resources
  • Health, Nutrition, and Fitness Guidance
  • Home Care Services
  • Independent and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Senior Moving Services
  • Dental Services
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Services
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Bill Paying Services

Our Veterans Deserve the Best

We believe in giving our country’s Veterans the most comfortable life possible as they age. We believe in assisting them through their independent lives and giving them the support, they need to feel happy and connected to their communities. With the Aid and Attendance (A&A) benefit, Veterans can afford the care they deserve.

Unfortunately, applying for the A&A benefit is not always so easy. For some, the paperwork is confusing and time-consuming. Thankfully, our team is here to help you. We specialize in retirement income planning, senior care services, and Veterans Affairs. We will make sure you receive the benefits you deserve.

Compassionate Private Home Care Services

Losing one’s independence can be frustrating. On top of that, the high costs of senior care and assisted living services are extremely expensive. When individuals and their families are already overwhelmed with drastic lifestyle changes, the stress of high home care costs can be too much to bear.

With your Aid and Attendance benefit, expenses that were once unmanageable can become more affordable. You no longer have to worry about the cost of commuting to the Doctor’s office, or the price of necessary nutritious food. With our assistance, we can make sure you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to.

Affordable Caregiving Services

Finding the right care for your loved one can be difficult. With so many different private organizations offering their services, which one are you supposed to choose?

On top of filing your Aid and Attendance claim, we can also help you find the professional care you deserve. We aren’t just your advisors on matters of paperwork, we are your advisors on all matters. Whether you need to find the best rates on medical equipment, or you need a physician referral, we can help you.

Houston’s Most-Trusted Senior Care Managers

With a little bit of help from us, you and your family will be receiving the benefits and care you rightfully deserve. But first things first, you have to call us. Contact (713) 510-3387 to speak with an advisor today.